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This 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat Crew Cab Pickup 4WD has 20x10 XD Series XD820 - XD820SB wheels that have a -24 offset. The wheels are wrapped with Atturo Trail Blade M/T LT35x12.5R20 tires that have a 35 inch overall diameter. The stance is outside fender 2-inches. There was minor trimming on front bumper bracket done to this Ford F-250 Super Duty because the tires were rubbing.


XD Series XD820 - XD820SB
Front and rear the same? Yes
Size : 20x10
Offset : -24
Backspace : 4.56
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Atturo Trail Blade M/T
Front and rear the same? Yes
Size : LT35x12.5R20
Overall Diameter : 35 inch
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