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Rebel Spray Wax
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Rebel Spray Wax
2 Free Microfiber Towels Included!

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Product Details

2 Free Microfiber Towels Included!
Rebel Spray Wax Gallons - When lots of shine is what you need.
The rebel spray wax gallon is the same anti static spray wax that you have come to enjoy only in gallon form.
Rebel spray wax was designed to be an anti-static product for show quality results on paint. The anti-static properties means it helps repel the dusts and debris that you will find at most indoor and outdoor shows. It helps you maintain your shine the whole show without a ton of maintanence The spray wax also works great on stainless, chrome and aluminum. Easy application. Simply spray on and wipe off. The formula is full of carnuba wax. This means you will get a nice high gloss finish that lasts.
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