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Rebel Red Hand Polish
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Rebel Red Hand Polish

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Product Details

Rebel red is a liquid metal polish.
This product was specifically designed for the show market, but it can also be used to maintain a truck for everyday use.
Just one bottle of Rebel red will keep you shining for a long time. On bottle of this metal polish can polish an entire big rig multiple times. The simple wipe on wipe off ease of use is one thing that people have fallen in love with. When wiping off with a cotton terry cloth it will leave a haze free shine.
Application of the metal polish is quick and simple. Simply apply a small amount into a wax applicator pad and wipe until you see a black haze start to form. Once that haze appears let it sit for a little bit to dry up a bit and wipe it off with a cotton terry cloth. Use of the wax applicator pad will cut down on unnecessary waste. Use of microfiber towels can also be used to remove the polish. You should see far better results using the terry cloth versus the microfiber.
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