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Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover
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Rebel Voodoo X Iron Remover

2 Free Microfiber Towels Included!

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Product Details

2 Free Microfiber Towels Included!
Voodoo is a high quality iron remover wheel cleaner.
We`ve tested this for quite a few months to get it just right before releasing it to the public. Well here it is. Simple Spray on and rinse off application. Directions are as follows. Spray on desired area that is covered in iron deposits or brake dust. Allow product to sit on the spots for a few seconds to break down the deposits. Then simply rinse away. If spot still remains simply reapply and repeat the process until gone. Do not allow product to sit for more than a minute at a time or allow it to dry. This product is safe to use on aluminum, paint, stainless, and chrome.
After removing the spots always follow up with a spray wax like the Rebel Spray Wax.??Or to really really give it that one two punch of high gloss finish on your ride use Rebel Red metal polish if using on aluminum, or Beaver wax if using on the paint
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