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About Reward Points

The Extreme Customs Online Network is growing and you can join for FREE! You now receive reward points for every dollar you spend and you also get 1,000 points just by signing up! If you're ready, get registered now! Already a member? Awesome! Log in

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Here's some answers to questions we get asked...

Why do some of the prices change after I register and login?

Many manufacturers have pricing that we need to list at and policies we need to abide by. So the advertised price is different than the member only pricing. Please remember that the goal of the Extreme Customs Online Network is to help aftermarket automotive enthusiasts who don't have a local shop in their area receive member only pricing as if they are in our showroom. We want to be "your local aftermarket shop, just online". If you have a shop in your area we strongly encourage you NOT to register and buy from your local shop.

Can I use my points on other websites?

You sure can! We're constantly adding websites to the Extreme Customs Online Network. You can use and earn points on any of the approved sites. Customers use their points to save on tires, wheels, lift kits, remote starts, window tint, floor mats, step bars, grille guards and many other products we offer online and locally!

Where does the money come from to do this?

Many manufacturers (tire, wheel and accessory) give us money when we hit sales goals and we developed the rewards program for our new and loyal customer. Almost every tire and wheel shop (online and/or locally) that's signed up for manufactures programs gets money back from them. Now we're passing most of that to you!

What if I return something? Do I get my points back I used?

You sure do! However, the points that were earned because of the purchase you will not be able to keep but whatever points were used will be returned to your account.

Do I get reward points if you match one of your competitor's prices?

All day! Typically we're the lowest price but once and a great while a competitor will offer a special or try to undercut us. DON'T BE FOOLED! "From Stock To Finish" we have your vehicles back AND your wallets! We'll match or beat their price on in-stock items AND you still get reward points!

If you have any more questions about this program please call 866-680-7467. Otherwise become a member today! Already a member? Log in

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