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Hankook Ventus V4 es H105

The Ventus V4 es H105 is Hankooks Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed for the drivers of sports cars - sports coupes and performance sedans. The Ventus V4 es is designed to combine cutting-edge appearance with predictable handling traction and control on dry and wet roads as well as in occasional light snow. The Ventus V4 es molds an ultra high performance all-season tread compound into a directional design featuring a continuous center rib flanked by stable independent intermediate and shoulder tread blocks to enhance dry traction. Wide circumferential main grooves and multiple lateral side slots create waterways that aid water drainage to minimize hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Sipes in each tread block increase the number of biting edges to reinforce winter traction without abandoning wet and dry handling.
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Part Number Tire Size Service Load Range UTQG Traction Temp Type DCEach
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