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Vision Motor Sports, located in Seattle Washington, was established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry. Today we are doing just that. The Engineering, Product Development and Marketing is conducted from the Vision X USA office located in Algona Washington. Vision X Asia is home to the Manufacturing, Testing, and Inventory Logistics departments of Vision X Global Lighting. Today Vision X has the mission of developing partners around the World to continue developing and marketing the most advanced lighting products in the World.

The Key to Vision X’s ongoing success, un-matched quality, valuing customer input, and performance is our team of world class engineers who have taken outlandish concepts from conception and put them into production. Our engineers are never afraid of re-examining products to find ways to better serve customers. Since its conception, Vision X has listened to the end user and put their ideas into action to further the quality, performance, and functionality of all vision X products.


You will find Vision X lighting is found everywhere. The military, border patrol, and even NASA have trusted Vision X on vehicles that cannot work with second best. Vision X is also trusted in the desert on off road vehicles that depend on seeing at night.

But Vision X Lighting Solutions are not just for the professionals; the Vision X product line is diverse and has product available for all markets. Vision X can be found on boat towers, off road vehicles, all terrain vehicles, and onroad vehicles like cars and motorcycles. Whatever the need, Vision X has a product to meet and exceed your expectation.

Putco is unique in our industry. Putco offers in-house designed lighting programs that are all designed and/or manufactured right here in Des Moines, Iowa.

Putco’s LED program is backed by a full staff of engineers, automated equipment, and state of the art SMT production lines all combined to offer the only USA manufactured LED product line available anywhere! Putco’s LED category encompasses many products including LED miniature Bulbs, award winning and superior premium custom dome lights, and integrated accessories such as our Dayliners™ for today’s trucks and SUV’s providing that DRL headlamp look. Putco’s LEDs are the brightest in the world.

With our new 126,000 sq. ft. facility, Putco has expanded our in-house manufactured lighting capabilities. The result is our newest product in LED – LUMINIX™ LED Off-Road Light Bars – featuring the thinnest, lightest, and brightest bars in the world! Adding “Made in the USA” to the list of exclusive features and Putco continues to provide innovation and leadership in today’s automotive aftermarket.

Race Sport is the Brand the Professionals Use. When it comes to automotive 12 Volt lighting and specialty products, we partner with the leaders in the industry to bring the hottest technologies to the market. Whether you are a dealer or a distributor, you can count on us to always bring your company the next hot and profitable product. With quality to crush the competition, Race Sport is your premier one stop supplier of automotive lighting and accessories. We at Race Sport care about quality and long term partnerships with all of our customers. We put all of our products through a rigorous series of tests before we release them to ensure only the best products make it to the market.

No one is doubting that, with the rise over the past decade of OEM vehicle manufacturers integrating audio and acoustics into vehicles, audio in the 12 volt industry is continuing to spiral down. Profits margins are low, and competition is fierce. Distributors and dealers are looking for new ways of making money and staying alive. Race Sport has kept businesses alive with our lighting products, bringing dealers or distributors fast moving, hot products with above average profit margins. Lighting is consistently increasing in popularity and makes sense for every driver. We have products for any situation and need: 12 Volt, truck accessory lighting, commercial and municipality lighting, motorcycle and ATV lighting, vehicle interior & exterior lighting, 110 Volt lighting for both residential and commercial applications, HID and LED headlight conversions, and now marine lighting, as well as other custom aftermarket lighting and accessories.

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