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Nitto Ridge Grappler

Nitto Ridge Grappler - Variable Pitch Tread Pattern. Advanced sound equipment was used to create a pattern that provides a quiet and smooth highway ride. Shoulder & Lateral Z Grooves. Shoulder grooves are arranged in alternating widths and lengths to clear mud and maintain traction. Lateral Z grooves are set in a zig-zag pattern to provide biting edges for traction. Dual Sidewall - Like all Grapplers the Ridge Grappler features two bold sidewall designs. One side features a more traditional pattern while the other side features a new aggressive block design. Reinforced Block Foundation - Adds rigidity to tread blocks to reduce flex. Stone Ejectors Protects the bottom of groove from stone drilling. Staggered Shoulder Lugs Provides traction in off-road environments.
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Part Number Tire Size Service Load Range UTQG Traction Temp Type DCEach
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